8 Things you experience after a C-section

A C-section or Caesarian delivery is a major surgery. Whether your c-section was planned or an emergency, you can definitely relate to the experiences below.

When they remove your staples/stitches and you feel like your insides are going to fall out

Stool softener will be your best friend

Your abdomen muscles refuse to do their magic and pushing during constipation is impossible. The struggle is real!

You would realize the importance of farting like you hadn’t realized ever before

One of the side effects of surgery is that you would be extra gassy. Your insides hurt from the pressure but you can’t let it out

You thought getting out of bed was tough, wait till after your c-section.

You find yourself trying to literally roll out of bed and onto the floor as you can not sit up directly.

Pain meds! – Want them, Need them

You find yourself scrambling towards your pain medication every 4 hours

You think you are a superwoman and can go on a grocery trip in 2 weeks, only to find yourself sitting in a grocery store aisle holding your belly because your stitches hurt

We forget to take it slow

Your feet may swell even more after a C-Section 

You can’t laugh, cough, sneeze, or even blow your nose

Despite the longer recovery time compared to a vaginal birth, it is all worth it in the end, when you see your little bundle of joy smiling up at you. C-section moms, don’t let anyone tell you that you took the easy way out. Recovery from c-section is no joke.